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As a farm family, we are busy dealing with the day to day operation of running the farm, while growing it for our children. If they choose not to carry on, We have a plan for that too, fully funded. Before we met Will and his team, we just assumed things would work out, and that everything would be okay. You see, we have a great accountant, have a lawyer, but no advice in between. For the last seven years, we have worked with Will, and we can now truly focus on farming, and the rest we leave to him and his team. We no longer worry about the unknown, as Will is fully licensed farm adviser and always does the right thing for us. Will also looks after our children. As farmers, we did not have the time to look after financial affairs and assumed our banker was looking after things, however, this was not the case. Will consulted with us and developed a comprehensive financial plan which simplified the complexities of our situation, implemented the well-developed solutions, and meets with us regularly. We take comfort in knowing, that should anything happen to us,he will take care of our loved ones. In closing, his name is William, but we call him Will which is his preference


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