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Providing clarity around taxation

Tax Planning Consultants, Serving Western Canada

Taxation, whether provincial, federal, or municipal, can be very complex and is one Canadians will have to address throughout their working and retirement years. We also recommend you should work with a trusted tax professional of your choosing.

Our team will provide a financial plan which incorporates tax planning which will provide clarity where there is complexity, and present an easy to understand quality financial plan with built-in solutions to your needs while maintaining harmony in your family circle when transferring to the next generation.

We believe that all clients are unique and deserve a well thought out, and comprehensive road-map which we will review regularly and update all as needed.

Explore financial strategies to simplify and optimize your tax position.

Cash Management

Our alternative to traditional banking

Our synchronized approach to financial planning involves having an open conversation with you about your real-life plans, and uses a variety of strategies based on your current financial picture to help you achieve them.

We understand that all of your financial needs are interconnected, and we treat them as such – from investing and managing debt; to making sure you only have the insurance you need; to paying as little tax as possible.

Tax Planning

Taxes don’t have to be so taxing

We’ll use all available strategies allowed under your provincial laws to minimize the amount of tax you pay on your investment income.

Risk Management

The right choices for your changing life

Our full suite of life insurance and living benefits products can help protect your loved ones throughout all life’s adventures.

Taxation of Your Business

Minimize your payable taxes

Every Business comes with a different set of challenges. We can help you minimize your tax payable by showing you what you can claim now, and identify strategies that can help you pay less the least amount of tax in the future.

Taxation of Your Estate

Minimize your payable taxes

Estate planning is the process by which an individual plans to pass on his or her wealth, including investments and life insurance, upon death to a chosen person(s), with the goal of:

  • Preserving and/or enhancing the value of the estate to the extent possible
  • Ensuring delivery of the intended amounts to the appropriate persons; and
  • Minimizing taxes, where possible

Impact of Estate Transfer on Beneficiaries

Reduce the risk for the next generation

You should consider your intended beneficiaries, how your assets are transferred upon death and provide for the payment of any estate income tax. Estate planning can respond to these considerations.

We want to hear from you.

You deserve the value of a personal, lasting relationship.

Our commitment to face-to-face relationships, a proven investment approach, the breadth of our products, and the depth of our management are what make a relationship with us so rewarding.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your lifelong financial goals.

Preferred Contact Method

I am a self – employed professional, looking forward to my retirement dream.As a busy professional, I did not have the time to look after financial affairs and assumed my investment advisor was all I needed. Much to my chagrin, I was not receiving the full benefit of advice. William and his team developed a comprehensive financial plan which simplified the complexities of my situation and updates my plan on a regular basis.For the first time in my life, I now have a financial roadmap, and the peace of mind knowing; I will be okay.As a result, I now can enjoy what is important to my family and me. I am pleased to say that I consider William and his team as part of my family.
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