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Protect your cash assets

Cash Management Consultants, Serving Western Canada

We recognize the importance of understanding your cash flow and what is needed to manage your household, or your business. Cash Management is needed to ensure you have what you need through to the end of life, while creating the freedom to do what you wish in retirement.

Our team will provide clarity where there is complexity, present an easy to understand quality financial plan with built-in solutions to your needs.

Our written plan, will provide the peace of mind, knowing that what matters most to you is taken care of.

Explore financial strategies to protect your estate


Banking solutions that fit your plan

Canadians currently carry an estimated 1.71 in debt to every dollar earned. Much of it is high interest debt, resulting in you in not achieving your goals. We have a solution for that.

Risk Management

The right choices for your changing life

Our full suite of life insurance and living benefits products can help protect your loved ones throughout all life’s adventures.

Emergency Funds

Banking solutions that fit your plan

Every financial plan should have an emergency fund equal to a recommended 3-6 months of household expenses. We can show you how.


Asset management is key to growth

Tracking and growing your assets is an important component of knowing your complete financial plan.

Make Your Money Work

Cash management is key to achieving your long-term goals

We’ll help you make sense of – and make the most of – all the components of your financial life.

We want to hear from you.

You deserve the value of a personal, lasting relationship.

Our commitment to face-to-face relationships, a proven investment approach, the breadth of our products, and the depth of our management are what make a relationship with us so rewarding.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your lifelong financial goals.

Preferred Contact Method

I am a self – employed professional, looking forward to my retirement dream.As a busy professional, I did not have the time to look after financial affairs and assumed my investment advisor was all I needed. Much to my chagrin, I was not receiving the full benefit of advice. William and his team developed a comprehensive financial plan which simplified the complexities of my situation and updates my plan on a regular basis.For the first time in my life, I now have a financial roadmap, and the peace of mind knowing; I will be okay.As a result, I now can enjoy what is important to my family and me. I am pleased to say that I consider William and his team as part of my family.
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