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How effective is your charitable giving? More Canadians want to know

Canadians are a charitable bunch. We individually contribute nearly $10-billion annually to the country’s roughly 86,000 charities. Despite the best of intentions, the effectiveness of our giving is often underexamined...
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Keeping your holiday debt in check this season

The fastest way to slip into debt during the holidays is to spend without a budget and then compound the issue by not tracking what you actually spent. Here's how to make the holidays frugal, without being a Scrooge....
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When death deals a financial blow

The sudden death of a spouse comes as a shock at any age. But it is not entirely uncommon: 1.85 million Canadians were widowed in 2018, according to Statistics Canada. Somewhere amid the grief, new widows and widowers have to navigate their new financial reality....
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4 Ways To Beat Holiday Chaos And Finish The Year Strong

It is almost the end of November, officially there is only one month left in 2019. It is around this time the wheels start coming off the bus as work gets hectic, social events start piling up, and all focus, discipline, and motivation seems to get lost in the last month of the year....
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10 Timeless Rules for Investors

As head of research for decades at Merrill Lynch, Bob Farrell established himself as one of the leading market analysts on Wall Street. His insights on technical analysis and general market tendencies were later canonized as "10 Market Rules to Remember"....
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