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How seniors should prepare for the day when they can no longer look after their retirement investments

The investment industry is starting to plan for a wave of aging clients who at some point may no longer be able to manage the investments they rely on for income....
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Your Canada Pension Plan questions answered

Globe reporter John Heinzl answers reader questions on the Canada Pension Plan....
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FALL SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to slow down time as the holidays fly past

If you find in past years you have gone to bed after Thanksgiving dinner and when you wake up snow is on the ground and it’s Christmas Eve, and you only have a faint memory of Halloween, it’s likely because these holidays have stuck in your memory while the weeks between have been routine and, literally, forgettable....
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How to Care for Aging Parents Without Sacrificing Your Career

Liz O’Donnell had a full life with a husband, two kids, and a career when she got crushing news: On the same day her mother was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer in 2014, O’Donnell learned her dad had Alzheimer’s and would need to move into a memory care facility....
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Canadian tax law isn’t always kind to spouses and common-law partners

As if marriage isn’t hard enough, the taxman may not help. Here are some of the tax challenges that come along with marriage....
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