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How do you manage your time, and will I run out of time?

Is time the key to all things in life? Whether starting in life, or your best years are in the rearview mirror, time, it seems we never have enough time. Though I am currently sixty years of age, I mentally feel thirtysomething. Ah, yes, age is a “State of Mind.” You may ask, what am I trying to Illustrate? Please read this in its entirety, and ask yourself this one question? Do I have the time, education, resources, and the stamina to build my financial road map? If no, is the answer, we should a chat over what is important...
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Protect what matters most to you

Many Canadians think of Insurance after the event has happened, typically Death, Disability, Failure of Health, or Long Term Care needs. Insurance comes in many Types. Term, Disability (Covers loss of Income), Whole or Permanent Life (Asset Class with Cash Value & Death Benefit), Critical Illness( Failure of health covers Twenty Five major Illnesses), and Long Term Care Forthis blog, we will focus onTerm, Creditor, and Mortgage Insurance. While I am an eternal optimist and would like to believe, that we sail through life with as much as a scratch. Statistics tell a very different story. I know first hand...
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I am a self – employed professional, looking forward to my retirement dream.As a busy professional, I did not have the time to look after financial affairs and assumed my investment advisor was all I needed. Much to my chagrin, I was not receiving the full benefit of advice. William and his team developed a comprehensive financial plan which simplified the complexities of my situation and updates my plan on a regular basis.For the first time in my life, I now have a financial roadmap, and the peace of mind knowing; I will be okay.As a result, I now can enjoy what is important to my family and me. I am pleased to say that I consider William and his team as part of my family.